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On DVD (U.K.): Bordello Death Tales

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 16, 2012

Bordello Death Tales poster

Just released on DVD in England is the horror anthology Bordello Death Tales, directed by a fiendish trio of British filmmakers: James Eaves, Alan Ronald and Pat Higgins. Find out more about the film on its official Facebook page, or just go right ahead and order a copy on Amazon.UK.

Bordello Death Tales features three stories all revolving around the gory activities happening at Madame Raven’s bordello, where the sex comes with an extra helping of brutal murder and mayhem.

First up is The Ripper, directed by James Eaves (Bane), about a serial killer of prostitutes who thinks he’s found nirvana when he happens upon Madame Raven’s house of ill-repute. Then, Stitchgirl, directed by Alan Ronald, is an homage to the classic Bride of Frankenstein about a mad scientist and his pieced-together flesh creation. Lastly, Pat Higgins directs Vice Day, in which a politician engages in a deadly game of sin with a webcam call girl.

Watch the trailer for Stitchgirl:

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