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On DVD: Sex Galaxy

Movie poster featuring a sexy female astronaut

Mike Davis‘ outrageous, sexy, recycled sci-fi flick Sex Galaxy is now available on DVD. Using 99% public domain footage, Sex Galaxy tells of a dim future where sexual intercourse has been outlawed thanks to global overpopulation, so when a team of astronauts hear of a distant planet filled with horny chicks — man, they are so there! Distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures, Sex Galaxy is available on Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster, GreenCine and loads more places.

Although the title and premise may imply Sex Galaxy is just a one-joke kind of film, in fact Davis stuffs his film with a real wit and intelligence. Yes, the dialogue can be completely crass and crude and includes offensive characters such as a robotic pimp named Rod and a hideous monster called a vagisaur, there’s a real streak of humanity and care underneath the vulgarity, which is what ultimately makes the film so successful. I also previously said as much in my original review of the film.

Davis is also leading the way for a new completely “green” way of filmmaking by mostly re-purposing public domain footage and including only a small portion of new material. The bulk of Sex Galaxy comes from an obscure Russian sci-fi film called Planeta Bur that was purchased by Roger Corman and transformed first into Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet then re-used again for Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women. Yes, it appears the original film became something sleazier with each regurgitation.

So, support the green movement and laugh yourself sick — and maybe even become a little turned on — by grabbing a copy of Sex Galaxy.

To buy or rent Sex Galaxy: Amazon | Netflix | GreenCine

Watch the trailer:

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