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On DVD: No Through Road

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 15, 2009

DVD cover featuring a man with a sword facing off agains another man with a bloody knife

On Sept. 29, film distributor Cinema Epoch has released on DVD the Australian horror thriller No Through Road. This brutal and bloody torture revenge flick is available on Amazon, Netflix and other DVD outlets. (Update: The Cinema Epoch website lists the film coming out on Sept. 15, but most retailers are now listing it for Sept. 29.)

Directed by Sam Barrett, the film stars James Helm as Richard, a meek amateur photographer who keeps to himself in his home at the end of a quiet cul de sac. One night he finds a strange girl, Samantha (Megan Palinkas), hiding in his closet. Samantha claims she’s been raped by three thugs who are now blockading the only exit from the cul de sac. The thugs desperately want Samantha back and launch a vicious assault on Richard’s house to get her back.

No Through Road was reviewed on the Underground Film Journal exactly a year ago. The film does have some terrifically nasty and gory parts to it, but what really makes the movie work are the believable characters, especially the malevolent thugs, and the twisty plot where the truth behind the whole situation is revealed. It’s an extremely well-crafted thriller.

Cinema Epoch‘s release marks the first time No Through Road is available on DVD in the U.S. The film was already released in its native Australia earlier this year through Accent Film Entertainment.

In 2008, No Through Road was the Best Australian Film runner-up at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and it screened in the U.S. at the Spooky Movie Film Festival. Actually, special thanks goes out to Spooky Movie for sending the film to the Underground Film Journal as a festival screener copy.

No Through Road is available via: Amazon

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