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On DVD: Master And Wizards

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 5, 2008

Yeah, I know. DVDs are typically released on Tuesdays, but I have news about one dvd that is available now and another that’s out tomorrow.

First, Gary Beeber‘s fantastic documentary Bally-Master, a profile of Scott Baker, who is one of the most fun people you’ll ever meet, is now available. You can buy it directly from the official Coney Island gift shop, which is fitting since Baker is a performer there at the world famous Sideshows by the Seashore. Grab a copy, or two or three — a film about a guy who hammers nails into his nose for a living makes a fabulous Christmas gift. Seriously. This is a vastly entertaining film that I reviewed a couple of months ago and can’t recommend enough. Watch the trailer above to get a taste.

Second, Josh Koury, formerly of the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, is self-releasing his feature documentary We Are Wizards on his website on 12/6. I haven’t seen this particular film yet, but it’s got terrific buzz from playing on the festival circuit this year and having a brief run in NYC recently. Koury’s also been out doing all kinds of interviews recently, like here and here. This is a film about Harry Potter fandom and it looks like a fun film based on the opening four minutes below.

NOTE: You can now also watch this underground movie online here.

Finally, in bonus news, filmmaker John R. Hand says he hopes to self-release his most recent film, Scars of Youth, in the near future.