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On DVD: Circulation

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 6, 2009

Circulation DVD

Ryan Harper‘s twisty and icky desert-set horror flick Circulation is now available on DVD via Cinema Epoch. I originally reviewed the film in May ’08 and I’m glad to see that it’s already available to a wider audience.

The film stars a terrific Yvonne Delarosa as Ana, a sexy Mexican girl pursued in the desert by her abusive ex-husband and his band of goons. However, after she suffers a car accident, the desert takes on an eerie perspective and is filled oddly-behaving people who exhibit insect characteristics. Ana eventually meets up with Gene (Sherman Koltz), a crusty drifter who protects and guides her through this familiar, but strange new world.

Equal parts psychological thriller and Twilight Zone episode, I found Circulation to be an effectively creepy movie with a strong focus on the growing bond between two strangers who speak different languages. (Ana only speaks Spanish and Gene speaks English.) The film also features absolutely gorgeous cinematography by Paul Nordin. The night scenes in the desert are especially beautiful. You can read my original review of the film here.

Circulation is of course available from Amazon.