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On DVD: Altamont Now

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 27, 2010

Altamont Now DVD

The rock apocalypse is finally upon us! The cult underground hit and the Underground Film Journal’s 2008 Movie of the Year, Joshua von Brown’s Altamont Now, has finally been unleashed on DVD today! (Rent or Buy.) For anyone who ever believed that the ’60s were all about peace, love and understanding: Fuck you! The children of Altamont — a moment in time that embodied the true spirit of rock, anarchy and revolution — are here to recreate that rebellious era a thousand-fold.

Altamont Now delivers the unholy gospel of the true prophet of rock ‘n’ roll, Richard Havoc, played to maniacal perfection by Daniel Louis Rivas. Having shed his music television flavor-of-the-month image, Havoc has sequestered himself in a nuclear missile silo with his acolytes Karen Kennedy (Frankie Shaw) and Travis Hook (Teddy Eck). From this hidden location, Havoc plots to deliver the ultimate in generational warfare — a real live nuclear warhead aimed straight at the heart of Squaresville, USA.

Actually, the film is a brilliant send-up of mainstream culture’s completely manufactured concept of rebellion that’s nicely packaged and sold to our youth in the name of profit. As much as Havoc wants to truly rebel against society, he’s completely oblivious to how he’s been so manipulated by marketing forces that he completely views the world through the bill of goods he’s been sold. But still, a clueless wannabe with delusions of grandeur and a live nuclear weapon is still a dangerous force, indeed.

The Underground Film JournalĀ has been tracking Altamont Nowand singing its praises — since it blasted onto the underground scene at the Boston Underground Film Festival back in 2008. Since then, Brown won the Best Director award at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, the film won Best Narrative at the Arizona Underground Film Festival and it has screened at underground fests all over the world from Australia to the Netherlands to Philadelphia.

The DVD release comes courtesy of the distributor Factory 25 and can be either bought on Amazon, rented from Netflix, or found anywhere cool-as-ass DVDs are sold or rented.

Watch the Altamont Now trailer:

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