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Now Available: One+One Filmmakers Journal #12

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 12, 2013

Woman firing a shotgun

Britain’s One+One Filmmakers Journal has released their 12th issue online and, like all previous issues, it is free to download. You can either click here to read the zine’s introduction or just download the entire issue as a PDF here. (Best to right-click the PDF link and hit “Save As.”)

The theme for this particular issue is “Trash” and the zine covers the world of exploitation cinema, including articles on horror films, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Quentin Tarantino, Glauber Rocha, blaxploitation and racially-charged films. The Content list is below.

Editors for this issue are James Marcus Tucker, Bradley Tuck and Nick Hudson.


Introduction by Bradley Tuck

True Blue Confessions of a British Trash Aesthete by I.Q. Hunter

Herschell Gordon Lewis Interview (Abertoir Horror Festival — Aberystwyth, UK: 8 November 2009) by Mikel Koven

On Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Or what happens when the Art House is Seduced by the Grind House by Greg Scorzo

Once Upon a Time in Brazil: Glauber Rocha’s Antônio das Mortes (1969) by Ben Noys

One Black Cowboy and a Cracker by Garrett Chaffin-Quiray

Who Framed Brer Rabbit? by Bradley Tuck