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New Haven Underground Film Festival Winner Screening At Big Sky

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 5, 2007

Big Sky Film Series logo featuring a colorful shot of the American prairie

The rockumentary We Like to Drink, We Like to Play Rock ‘n’ Roll about the notorious Unband won the RFC award at the 2007 New Haven Underground Film Festival. And if you’re wondering what “RFC” stands for, it’s “Really Fucking Cool.”

The film is now going to be shown this Friday, Sept. 7 at either 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. as part of the Big Sky Film Series at the Wilma Theater in Missoula, Montana. Hey, Willllmmmaaa! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I’d get there at 7 to be on the safe side.

This is the first time I’ve written about Big Sky, but they hold once a month screenings of documentaries and host the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, which will run next year, Feb. 14-20, and they’re currently open for entries if you want to submit a doc.

As for We Like to Drink, here’s an excerpt from the description of the film:

The Unband made every beautiful mistake a power trio can before imploding under the weight of their success and the fallout from a variety of celebratory pastimes. What made them THE Unband? Was it the partying until all the _______(insert drug or alcohol type) was gone, rocking so hard with elements of Spinal Tap simpering in, or the three of them on the floor, weeping with uncontrollable giggles about something they made up in high school when they first became friends. Drummer Eugene Ferrari sums up the core of his power trio’s other bandmates, “They both have hearts of gold…surrounded by layers of various other substances.”

Big Sky also notes that this film is definitely not for children, so make them stay at home with a sitter who’s into Hannah Montana or something. And here’s the trailer for the film: