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New Haven Underground Film Festival Gets New Director

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 26, 2007

This news came in totally under the radar, but it appears Michael Mongillo and Todd Dzicek have stepped down as co-directors of the New Haven Underground Film Festival, which they both co-founded and have run for four years now. The new director of the fest beginning in 2008 will be Phil Hall.

Phil has been a writer for Film Threat for many years, among other publications, and here at the Underground Film Journal we reviewed his 2004 book The Encyclopedia of Underground Movies. Phil also stopped by and left some comments about the review there as well. Click the book title there and check it out.

There hasn’t been an official announcement about the change yet and Michael and Todd are currently at the Raindance Film Festival in England with their movie Being Michael Madsen, so I couldn’t reach them for comment. If a formal announcement is released, I’ll put that up.