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New Haven Underground Film Festival: An Update

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 9, 2007

Ok, not really. This isn’t so much of an update, but I finally heard from former New Haven Underground Film Festival co-director Michael Mongillo following the news of his and the other co-director Todd Dzicek passing of the baton to new director Phil Hall. Michael returned from the triumphant world premiere of his own film Being Michael Madsen at the Raindance Film Festival in London last month. Mr. Madsen was at the screening himself and it sounds like he loves the film and loves Michael. Heck, we all love Michael.

Mr. Mongillo really didn’t have any new news for me, but he directed me towards a Hartford Courant article about him and Todd leaving the festival. The article also came out before Phil Hall came onto the scene, but it’s full of personal quotes from Michael and Todd basically saying they just stopped having the adequate time to run the fest anymore. No scandal, no sacrilege. (Dammit!)

Once we hear what Phil’s plans for the fest are, we’ll throw those up, too.