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Music Video: Torsten Kretchzmar: Le Boche Qui Rit

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 20, 2012

When a German electro-pop singer sings jokes in French, how can that not be a number one hit in the U.S.? A focus group girl is called in to rate the video “Le Boche Qui Rit” by German superstar Torsten Kretchzmar and, well, her response turns out to be somewhat lacking. Clearly, the girl has no taste as this is one of the most killer videos we’ve seen since Kretchzmar’s previous hit “Plastix.”

We here at the Underground Film Journal have become a wee bit obsessed with this video. From the minimalist back-up dancers to the cold, deadpan delivery of the absurd “jokes” to the downright groovy music, just about everything about it is perfect.

Euro pop star Torsten Kretchzmar in a music video

The focus group element is an extra bonus of awesomeness. The video demands to be seen a few times to capture everything that’s going on between the three video screens and the translated lyrics. Watching the reactions of disbelief of the female participant while also paying to attention to the hills and valleys of her “interest line” mesh along in stylistic synchronicity with the different segments of Kretchzmar’s performance.

If this video has won your heart like it has ours, Kretchzmar’s other videos on Vimeo are not to be missed.