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Music Video: The Lytics: Toot Your Own Horn

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 22, 2013

Left. Right. Left! March on over to check out the spectacularly catchy tune “Toot Your Own Horn” by Winnipeg-based rap group The Lytics. The video is directed by Mike Maryniuk and is a frenzied collage of hyper-gyrating visuals that are as bouncy as the song they accompany.

Blending The Lytics with Maryniuk is a perfect match. “Toot Your Own Horn” is an upbeat tune filled with positive energy, exactly the same kind of energy that Maryniuk brings to his short films such as Cattle Call (co-directed with Matthew Rankin) and The Dead Ringer. There’s also quite the flavor of everybody’s hometown of Winnipeg infused in the mix, such as placing the band in front of the Nutty Club’s muralized slogan “Famous for Quality.”

Rapper surrounded by marching band figures on a Foosball table

Maryniuk also tosses in his penchant for utilizing experimental film techniques, such as the cracked film cutouts framing some of the action scenes, what appears to be painting directly on the film and switching between gritty black & white and exceptionally vivid color. But, the real showstopper of the video is the Foosball table scenes in which the camera swirls around rapidly as the marching band figures slide back and forth while paper cut-outs of the band members drop their lyrics. It’s a stunning showcase of complex stop-motion animation moves.

An exceptionally catchy video all around.

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