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Music Video: LUFF: Like Our Fathers

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 27, 2010

The eaters and the eaten have a jolly good romp in the music video “Like Our Fathers” by the Brooklyn band LUFF. The lavishly decorated video is directed by Leah Meyerhoff, no stranger to making over-the-top productions for the Brooklyn music scene. She also directed the award-winning “Team Queen” for the (now defunct) Triple Creme. Actually, LUFF’s Robin Pickering — who I’m pretty sure is the one wearing the extreme false eyelashes in the above video — was previously in Triple Creme. While both videos exhibit extravagant visual styles, they couldn’t be more different.

In addition to looking really great, I really dig this song by LUFF, whom I’m completely unfamiliar with, but then again I don’t keep up with the current music scene. But, listening to great music is always a bonus when watching a video by a filmmaker I like. This video would probably look incredible set to any song, but a great fuzz of noisy guitars and minimal lyrics give it that special boost. I guess that I enjoy both songs for “Team Queen” and “Like Our Fathers” has a lot to do with Pickering being in both bands.

Woman dressed in a suit lying in the woods

Also, almost immediately, this video reminded me of the Kenneth Anger film Rabbit’s Moon, even though they don’t seem remotely similar except that they both take place in a wooded area and feature oddly costumed characters. (I’ve only seen the 1979 re-cut version of Anger’s film.) I can’t tell if that intention is deliberate or just that I’ve had Anger on the brain lately reading up on him in Chapter 4 of P. Adams Sitney’s Visionary Film.

If you like this song like I do, you can sample some more tunes by LUFF on the recently revamped MySpace. Meyerhoff, who’s long been a talent to watch, has several other videos up on Vimeo and I always highly recommend her amazing short film Twitch, if you haven’t watched that yet. She’s currently working on her first feature film, Unicorns.

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