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Movie Trailer: The Devil’s Rock

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 25, 2011

The Devil’s Rock is a WWII-set horror film that takes place on the eve of D-Day. Two special forces commandos are sent ahead of the big invasion in order to take out German gun emplacements. However, their mission gets derailed when they discover that the Nazis are amassing demonic forces in a supernatural effort to win the war.

The Devil’s Rock is the feature film directing debut of Paul Campion, who previously directed the acclaimed short films Eel Girl and Night of the Hell Hamsters. Campion is also an accomplished visual effects artist who has worked on such films as Constantine, Sin City, 30 Days of Night and the Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The film recently screened at the Cannes Film Festival market and will be released in the U.K. on July 8. It’s also been picked up for distribution in the U.S. and Canada by Entertainment One, although no specific release date has been set yet.

Learn more about the film at it’s official website and the official website for filmmaker Campion.

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