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Movie Trailer: Some Guy Who Kills People

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 22, 2012

Ken Boyd just wants to get his life back on track. Having just been released from a mental asylum, he moves back in with his mom and gets a good — if a bit demeaning — job at an ice cream parlor. And he dishes out a ruthless, brutal and bloody revenge against all those he deems responsible for his own lousy station in life.

Some Guy Who Kills People is a black comedy directed by Jack Perez and is executive produced by John Landis. Kevin Corrigan stars as Ken and his mom is played by B-movie legend Karen Black. Also appearing in the film are Barry Bostwick as the inept sheriff on Ken’s trail and Ariel Gade as the daughter Ken never knew he had.

Last year, the film won the Best of Fest award at the Arizona Underground Film Festival and screened at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival.

It can next be seen this month and next at the Boston Underground Film Festival and the Calgary Underground Film Festival.

For more on the film, please visit its official website.

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