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Movie Trailer: Sam Barrett’s Esoterica

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 15, 2010

Embedded above is the trailer for Esoterica, the new film directed by Australian director Sam Barrett. The film is a B&W neo noir that begins like so many classic noirs start, with a man hired to investigate a cheating husband. But that investigation soon leads into surreal descent into a terrifying criminal underworld.

Esoterica is the second film by Barrett. The first was the hyper-violent and bloody No Through Road, which is currently available on DVD on Amazon and Netflix. Actually, while watching the above trailer, I started thinking this was a pretty sedate offering from the director’s previous gruesome effort. But, then, the chainsaws start revving up and there are children being held captive in cages, so it looks like Barrett is heading back into dark territory.

However, I do like seeing that Barrett seems to be stretching himself stylistically. I do like the B&W and the hint that he’s working on a much bigger canvas than the simple, one-location, claustrophobic feel of No Through Road. I’m excited to see the entire film.

You can read more about Esoterica on Barrett’s production company website, Nakatomi Pictures.