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Movie Trailer: Radio Free Albemuth

Radio Free Albemuth is an adaptation of the novel by Philip K. Dick and is written and directed by John Alan Simon.

In an alternate version of 1985, the corrupt U.S. President Ferris F Fremont crushes American civil liberties after warning against a fictitious terrorist organization called Aramchek.

As human rights are being trampled, a record executive begins receiving broadcasts in his dreams from an omnipotent extraterrestrial being known as VALIS, which is building a resistance movement against Fremont and his cronies.

The film stars Jonathan Scarfe as Nicholas Brady, the record executive, and Shea Whigham (Boardwalk Empire) as author Philip K. Dick, who wrote himself as a character into his autobiographical-based novel, his first one to deal with issues of spirituality and religious experiences.

Also appearing in the film are musician Alanis Morissette and character actor Scott Wilson (Dead Man Walking, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon) as President Fremont.

The film will be screening at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

Learn more about the film at its official website.

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