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Movie Trailer: President Wolfman

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 29, 2012

During this year’s rough presidential election season, we finally have a candidate we can get behind! President Wolfman!

We don’t know if this lycanthropic POTUS is pro-environment or not, but the guys behind bringing him to life are as President Wolfman is the latest “green movie” from the outrageous Stag Films studio. A “green movie” is one that doesn’t waste environmentally damaging new film and is composed entirely out of public domain footage and feature films.

Stag Films’ previous movie was the gut-bustingly hilarious Sex Galaxy, so they have a lot to live up to with President Wolfman. But, gauging by the funky trailer above, it appears they’re up to the task.

President Wolfman, directed by Mike Davis, will be making its World Premiere at the Sydney Underground Film Festival on Sept. 8. (Full festival lineup to be posted on the Underground Film Journal soon.)

President Wolfman teaser poster with phony campaign button

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