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Movie Trailer: Hectic Knife

Move over Paul Kersey and Travis Bickle — there’s a new vigilante in town and he goes by the name Hectic Knife. Watch the virulently violent trailer above. Also, play it loud — i.e. as long as you’re not at work and there are no small children around.

This new gonzo splatter-ific flick comes courtesy of collaborators Greg DeLiso and Peter Litvin. Both dudes co-wrote the film while DeLiso served as director, editor and cinematographer; and Litvin acted as producer, composed the score and stars as the eponymous anti-hero.

(Special underground note: DeLiso previously edited Jeff Krulik’s hit underground documentary Heavy Metal Picnic.)

While the film is fully complete, the filmmakers are currently raising funds on IndieGoGo to launch a special “interactive” midnight movie tour around the country, which sounds totally fun, so consider kicking in a few bucks. Please visit the Hectic Knife fundraising page for more details.

Guy stabbing himself in the head with knives

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