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Movie Trailer: Dear God No!

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 20, 2011

WARNING: 100% NSFW! A brutal biker gang terrorize the American southwest on a murder and rape spree that leaves an untold number of victims in its wake.

But this gang of bloodthirsty butchers may get their comeuppance when they come across an innocent young girl harboring a dark secret in her basement: A secret with giant fangs, claws and an appetite for human flesh.

Directed by James Bickert, Dear God No! is directed in the popular neo-grindhouse style and features plenty of the three B’s of exploitation cinema: Boobs, beasts and blood. (Hence the NSFW trailer.)

Dear God No! can next be seen at the Arizona Underground Film Festival on Sep. 22. The festival is currently running in Tucson, AZ as of this posting and will end on Sep. 24.