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Movie Trailer: 120/80: Stressed To Kill

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 8, 2015

120/80: Stressed To Kill is the latest thriller directed by Mark Savage. In the film, Bill Oberst Jr. stars as Bill Johnson, an highly agitated everyman who goes on a crusade to eliminate every source of stress in his life, i.e. all the people who irritate him. As the bodies pile up, Bill’s murder rampage is noted by a psychotic — but sympathetic — police detective (Armand Assante) who encourages Bill to up his game.

Savage began his career creating twisted films in his native Australia, such as Sensitive New Age Killer and Defenceless: A Blood Symphony, many of which screened at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. He has since relocated to the Los Angeles area and is in various stages of production on several feature films.

Movie poster featuring Armand Assante and Bill Oberst Jr.

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