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Moviate: The Films Of Robot Hand

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 19, 2011


Jan. 22
8:00 p.m.
1306 N. 3rd St.
Harrisburg, PA 17102

Hosted by: Moviate

Genre film production company Robot Hand are masters of a dying art. Very young masters. As the world of cinema becomes increasingly all-digital, Robot Hand cheerfully still makes sci-fi and horror films using old-fashioned practical effects, e.g. stop-motion animation, puppetry, prosthetic make-up and more. Think the early films of Tim Burton, Sam Raimi and George Lucas with about an eighth of the budget of even their lowest budgeted films.

This screening is a complete retrospective of Robot Hand’s movies, from their two most popular films Attackazoids! and its sequel Attackazoids, Deploy!! to earlier mostly unseen films like Brobot to two brand new world premieres. That’s 11 short films produced within the space of only about 6 years. A full listing of the movies screening is below.

Robot Hand was founded by filmmakers Brian Lonano, Kevin Lonano, Erin L. Horsey, Gary Powell and Jeff Jenkins who will be in attendance to discuss the importance of continuing to favor non-digital special effects and how producing a series of killer micro-budgeted yet creative short films is important for struggling young filmmakers trying to make a name for themselves.

Between their retro-special effect techniques and reliance on churning out short films, Robot Hand is a complete anomaly in today’s media landscape. Yet, by doing things differently than most young filmmakers are expected to, they’ve developed a rabid cult following and earned accolades from film festivals and online movie critics.

In addition to the Underground Film Journal, the films of Robot Hand are regularly featured on popular movie websites such as Twitch and CHUD. And their films have screened at film fests such as the Boston Underground Film Festival, Spooky Movie, Tromadance, Atlanta Underground Film Festival, the Hollywood Film Festival and more.

These guys produce really amazing work that will be a real treat to see in person on the big screen. Below is the list of films screening.

Spooky Movie 2010 bumper (1:00)
Brobot (thesis film; 30:00/ 2005)
Casket Climber Insect God (music video; 2:38 / 2006)
Electrical Skeletal (music video; 6:00 / 2007)
ATTACKAZOIDS! (short film; 7:07 / 2008)
ATTACKAZOIDS, DEPLOY!! (short film; 4:16 / 2009)
8bit Ghost Hop (short music video; 1:24 / 2010)
Martian Precursor (short film; 1:00 / 2010)
Spooky Movie Television (opening credit sequence; :57 / 2010)
CARNY (short student film directed by Kevin Lonano; 10ish minutes / 2010 *PREMIERE)
Bacchus Attack Us! (film festival bumper; Runtime TBD *PREMIERE)

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