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Missed It: 2008 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 4, 2008

So, I totally missed mentioning the 2008 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, which just ran May 1-3. This is an all-shorts, student-run festival held at the University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee. This year featured two new festival directors, Robyn Braun and Melissa Campbell, who maintained the fest’s penchant for several power-packed nights of shorts. The festival has passed, but I still want to note what played, so you’ll see the full lineup below. Next year, maybe I’ll be more on the ball.

One note, though: The festival this year featured several films by Sylvia Schedelbauer, but you can read my review of False Friends from when it played at last year’s ATA Film and Video Festival. It was a great film.

May 1
7 p.m.
China Girls, dir. Michelle Silva
Light is Waiting, dir. Michael Robinson (Watch online)
The Things She Would Tell Me, dir. Miryam Welbourne
False Friends, dir. Sylvia Schedelbauer (Read the review)
Murder Capital, dir. Marcy Saude
Monongahela Ghost Train, dir. Jason Halprin
In the Shadow of Your Diamond Castle, Sabine Gruffat
Head Lines: Hybrid Film Trilogy, Sabine Gruffat
Cereus and Whatnot, dir. Caroline Kaylor

May 2
7 p.m.
Invisible City, dir. Jack Cronin
Ginevra, dir. Jack Cronin
The Deer and the Antelope, Jack Cronin
A Trip to Prague, dir. Neil Ira Needleman
Optech 1, dirs. Dan Manceaux and Emma Sterling
Themes and Variations for the Naked Eye, dir. Catlin Horsmon
Mylar Balloon Ripoff, dir. Jason Halprin
Sunshine State (Extended Forecast), dir. Christopher Harris
Dig, dir. Robert Todd

9 p.m.
Antarctic Territory, dir. Sarah Buccheri
Remote Intimacy, dir. Sylvia Schedelbauer
Memo to Pick Desk, dirs. Chris Kennedy and Anna van der Meulen
China Portraits, dir. Polina Malikin
21 Alleys, dir. Robert Todd

May 3
4 p.m.
Dear Cyclops, dir. Ariana Hamidi
Ras Malai Dreams, dir. Xav Laplae

6 p.m.
Black and White Trypps Number 4, dir. Ben Russell
(cinema poetics), dir. Jake Barningham
I Love (Hate) You: Mitchum, dir. Kate Raney
Abby, dir. Deon Kay
All Through the Night, dir. Michael Robinson
Dream Detritus, dir. Ross Nugent
Sebastian, dir.
Red Light District Graffiti, dir. Kasumi Hiraoka
The Answer, dir. Paul Fuchs

8 p.m.
3×1, dir. Telemach Wiesinger
The Green Grass of Twilight, Richie Sherman
Ghosts and Gravel Roads, dir. Mike Rollo (Read the review)
Office Suite, dir. Robert Todd
Water Spell, dir. Sandy Ding