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Melbourne Underground Film Festival: The Documentary

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 10, 2006

Richard Wolstencroft giving an interview

Or, The Muffumentary, if you will. This is not an official project of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival or festival director Richard Wolstencroft, but the work of someone calling himself Fabio DeNiro. I found out about the project from a couple of trailers posted to YouTube. One is oddly set to the entire song “Come Together” by the Beatles and featuring various people being interviewed on the street, whom you can’t hear what they’re saying. But the one posted below has several people talking about the state of Australian film and MUFF. No one is identified, so we’ll have to wait for the film.

UPDATE: This project must have died since all of the videos mentioned here have been removed from YouTube.

I’m interested in the project myself cuz I’m curious about the state of Australian film in general. I keep hearing these vague complaints about how the system works and filmmakers getting shut out of it, so I’m hoping the film sheds some light on the subject, which will beat trying to piece together articles found on the Internet.

There’s also some other videos from the documentary at YouTube, including footage of Wolstencroft and Lloyd Kaufman at the opening night festivities, a funny promo featuring Kaufman and an interview with Kevin Smith that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with MUFF, but just Smith thinking he’s being outrageous (yawn). There’s also a strange series of 3 Film School 101 With Richard Wolstencroft episodes. All these videos can be found at this page. I’m only embedding the one trailer.

To find out more about the documentary, you can go visit the film’s official MySpace page. Here’s the trailer: