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Marta’s Sex Tape Available For Streaming Online

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 8, 2009

Marta's Sex Tape

Hands down, the sexiest film of 2008 — heck, it may be the sexiest film I’ve seen in the past 10 years — was Anthony Rivero Stabley‘s Marta’s Sex Tape, which is now available for streaming at the site Butaca.tv for $1.99.

Distribution for a film like Marta’s is a difficult one. Not because of the subject matter, but due to its length. It runs about 46 minutes long. What’s nice is that you feel like you’re watching a substantial film, but what Stabley didn’t do is pad the film out with any unnecessary junk to weigh it down in order to make it feature length and, theoretically, easier to distribute. So, it’s great that the Internet now has so many more options, like streaming, for getting a film like Marta’s in front of an audience.

While I always write about how hot the film is, there’s a lot else going on in it. It also happens to be very funny and has a fantastic lead performance by Pilar Padilla as Marta. The film isn’t just about the sex or the jokes. Marta is a great well-rounded character who goes through some real human drama after conceiving and attempting to execute her plan to make and sell a scandalous sex tape of herself in order to pay off a debt.

Stabley pulls off a great feat by making a film that, on the surface is very poppy and fast-paced and light — even appropriately describing it as a “Pop Art Comedy” — but like good Pop Art has something very concrete and real and human underlying the spectacle.

If you want more info on the film, you can read my original review of it and visit the film’s official site. Or, for a hot time, just go order the streaming version now.