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Maldoror: A Pact With Prostitution Screening In London Tonight

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 8, 2008

One of the intriguing films on the highly disturbing and highly recommended DVD compilation L’erotisme, released by Cinema Abattoir, was Maldoror: A Pact With Prostitution, a short film by Micki Pellerano and Nate Archer based on the classic cult novel. Strangely enough, I just discovered that this film will be playing at the Horse Hospital underground performance/film space in London. It will be a part of the regular Flixation! screening series that plays there. Until now I had never heard of Horse Hospital nor Flixation! — and that’s a crime. I’ll try to put them into regular rotation here on the Underground Film Journal. I’m also not familiar with the other films playing with Maldoror, but I recommend going on the basis of that film alone. Here’s part of my review of it:

Visually, Pellerano and Archer have done an excellent job mimicking B&W films from the silent era. The story is simple: Boy falls in love with Prositution while a disgusting Glow Worm Head orders Boy to kill her. By the way, Prostitution is portrayed by a single topless refugee from a Kenneth Anger film (Lucifer Rising).

I’m not pulling out the full review because I write about it in regards to another film on the L’erotisme disc that won’t make sense all by itself. But, of course, go check out my entire L’erotisme review. I can’t recommend that DVD enough.

Anyway, below is the screening info and the rest of the lineup of films:

Maldoror: A Pact With Prostitution, dir. Micki Pellerano and Natte Archer
Training Daljinder from the award winning Blunt Productions
Songbird, dir. Sean Wood
The Ultimate Object of Desire, dir. Grace Connor

Plus there will be a performance from the incomperable Dr. Reekie and more shenanigans. Introducing the films will be writer and critic Ray Beam, and music by DJ Tar Baby.

For more info, please visit the Horse Hospital website.