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2006 Lausanne Underground Film Festival: Deadline Extension

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 8, 2006

Good news for those still wanting to submit to the swankiest underground fest we’ve heard of, the Lausanne Underground Film Festival. You now have until June 15 to get your film(s) in. Just make sure your package is postmarked by that date.

LUFF will run this Oct. 11-15 in Lausanne, Switzerland. I wrote up about the fest here. And they are looking for films in three categories:

1) Short narratives.
2) Short experimental films.
3) Feature films.

But you can also send in animated shorts and documentaries (actually, I think that covers just about everything).

Plus, there’s no entry fee and festival award winners will take home cash prizes. That’s right, cash! Act now!

Entry Form and regulations are available at: http://www.luff.ch
Entry Form: http://www.luff.ch/site/fileadmin/documents/2006/regulations/entry_form.pdf
Regulations: http://www.luff.ch/site/fileadmin/documents/2006/regulations/Regulations.pdf