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L.A. Filmforum & Cinefamily: Ere Erera Baleibu Icik Subua

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 26, 2009

Theater marquee for the Silent Movie Theater

Sept. 27
7:00 p.m.
Silent Movie Theater
611 N. Fairfax.
Los Angeles, CA

Hosted by: L.A. Filmforum, Cinefamily, Part Time Punks and the San Francisco Cinematheque

Catch a rarely screened, silent, hand-painted film from the ’70s, Ere Erera Baleibu Icik Subua, by Basque abstract artist Jose Antonio Sistiaga that will be accompanied by a live performance of reunited ’80s punk band Savage Republic.

Here’s a description of the film by critic Jonathan Rosenbaum:

Sistiaga’s strangely titled work … is different from the films of Stan Brakhage, who didn’t come to film from painting and had his own rhythm. […] [I]ts combination of color and 35-millimeter ‘scope (with about half an hour in black and white) yields the kind of spectacle one associates with musicals and [science fiction] epics.

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