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Kuchars Invade Portland

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 21, 2008

If I lived in Portland, OR I’d have to buy myself a new pair of pants because the ones I’m wearing would be soaked with pee. Why am I so excited? The Kuchar brothers — Mike and George — are personally visiting the Clinton St. Theater for a four-night retrospective!

The Kuchars will be in town separately. I think a time-space continuum implosion would occur if they showed up at the same time. George will have a two-night screening on July 25-26, while Mike’s screening on Aug. 1-2. All screening times begin at 8:30 p.m. and both directors will be in attendance on their respective nights. Screenings are of the brothers’ more recent video work and the full lineups per night are listed below. They all have such great titles, too.

Also, embedded above is a preview trailer for this special event that was cut together by Bob Moricz, whose smattering of work I’ve seen online I adore. Moricz is a major Kuchar fan and actually has been working on putting this whole event together. George also starred in Moricz’s 1999 short film Brainbox. Even if you’re not in Portland and can’t make it to these screenings (like me) please watch the great above video. It also includes a Kuchar testimonial from John Waters that was taken from Divine Trash, the classic documentary about the making of Pink Flamingos.

This is really a rare event and I’m very excited about it, even though I live in L.A. and can’t go. As promised, here’s the full lineup per night:

July 25
8:30 p.m.:George Kuchar‘s Dangling Digitalia”
The Celluloid Cavalcade
Storm Surge
Temple of Torment

July 26
8:30 p.m.:George Kuchar‘s Academic Atrocities”
Web of Vice
Orphans of the Cosmos

Aug. 1
8:30 p.m.:Mike Kuchar retrospective 1″
Hush-A-Bye Baby
Cupid’s Infirmary
A Dream of Roses
Grip of the Gorgon
Paradise Gone

Aug. 2
8:30 p.m.:Mike Kuchar retrospective 2″
Stranger in Apartment 9F
The Faery Garden
The Fornicators
Wind in My Sails

For more info, including descriptions for the films, please visit the Clinton St. Theater website.