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Kickstarter: Orbit(Film)

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 20, 2011

Orbit(Film) poster featuring astronauts dancing in space

Orbit(Film), the space-themed anthology of underground short films, is raising funds on Kickstarter for a national theatrical distribution run later this year. If you wish to donate to this project, please visit its Kickstarter page.

Produced by Mike Plante and Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Orbit(Film) is a collection of 13 short films that seeks to paint a complete and artistic portrait of the Solar System. Each of the short films is named after celestial bodies found in space, from the planets to the sun to the moon and more. The main goal of the entire project is to form a clear connection between outer space and humanity.

Orbit(Film) is being co-distributed by NYC’s summer screening series Rooftop Films and by Plante’s Cinemad Presents. Donated funds will be going to acquiring some final footage from NASA to be included in the final omnibus film, mastering the short films into a single format that can be projected, printing the movie poster and more.

Different Kickstarter pledge levels will give donors copies of an eventual DVD release, sneak peeks at the final films, T-shirts, posters and, for high level donors, a hard drive full of space footage used in the films.

Filmmakers included in Orbit(Film) are:

Brent Hoff –  THE SUN
Ben Coonley –  MERCURY
Jessica Oreck – VENUS
Mike Plante – EARTH
Brian M. Cassidy & Melanie Shatzky – THE MOON
Mark Elijah Rosenberg – MARS
Kelly Sears – JUPITER
Jacqueline Goss & Michael Gitlin – SATURN
Poseidon – NEPTUNE
Bill Brown – URANUS
Travis Wilkerson – PLUTO
Deborah Stratman – COMETS

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