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Kickstarter: Nick Zedd’s Love Spasm

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 4, 2012

Portrait of filmmaker Nick Zedd

Nick Zedd, founder of the Cinema of Transgression, is currently raising funds for his latest feature film, Love Spasm, a drama about wayward young adults trying to get by in Berlin.

For the past few years, Zedd had been focusing on his public access superhero show The Adventures of Electra Elf and Fluffer and working on his painting career. So, this is a highly anticipated return to longform filmmaking. If you’d like to contribute, please visit the Love Spasm fundraising page on Kickstarter.

Zedd describes the film as being primarily about an artist named Eric who is involved in a variety of unfulfilling sexual relationships with women. Eric’s main squeeze is a heroin-addicted peep show worker, but he also regularly visits several other lovers.

The way Zedd describes the film is particularly interesting as it seems, in part, to channel his one-time mentor, Jack Smith, especially in the way the characters owe a fealty to their landlords, which restricts their quality of life. (Smith was forever raging against the “landlord,” the scourge of the universe.) From Zedd’s Kickstarter page:

Everyone involved in this revolving game of furtive lovemaking is attempting to cheat a destiny that has told each of them that they have responsibilities to their landlords, bosses and families. Fate is being spurned and repudiated by their animal lusts, which overpower everything. They are young and free, in spite of the dismal world into which they have been deposited and the consensus reality which they reject as members of a dwindling counter-culture, ignored, despised and marginalized by corporate profiteers imposing a sterilizing gentrification upon them.

To help Zedd, one of the most important figures in underground film history, realize his latest vision, please visit his Kickstarter page. Plus, please view his promo video below: