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Kickstarter: Mink Stole’s Do Re Mink

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 14, 2011

Mink Stole, the memorable star of so many John Waters films (Desperate Living, Female Trouble, etc.) is raising funds via Kickstarter to release her first CD, Do Re Mink.

Mink says the album is “a kind of memoir of my life in songs written by other people.” The musicians backing her on the CD is the Baltimore incarnation of her Wonderful Band and includes Scott Wallace Brown, Walker Teret and underground filmmaker/curator/journalist Skizz Cyzyk.

Songs on the album will include “No Nose Nanuck,” “God, If Any,” “Sometimes I Wish I Had a Gun” and — in homage to one of her best acting roles– “Female Trouble.”

The Kickstarter funds will go towards recording the album, paying the musicians and the pressings of the CD.

(On a personal note: The Underground Film Journal absolutely loves that album name!)

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