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Kickstarter: 2012 Chicago Underground Film Festival

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The venerable Chicago Underground Film Festival will be hosting its 19th annual edition on May 31 to June 7 at the Gene Siskel Film Center. But, this is the very first year it has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and they’re doing so to achieve an extremely worthy goal.

According to their pledge page, CUFF will be using the funds raised via Kickstarter to pay for travel and lodging costs for visiting filmmakers. Each year, the festival provides stipends to exhibiting filmmakers, and with external funding for the arts tightening up over the past few years, there is the now the need to turn to crowdfunding for this aspect of the festival.

Being such a long-running and esteemed annual event, over the years as the festival has evolved, CUFF has constantly redefined the entire notion of what underground film is and can be. Part of that effort involves bringing filmmakers to the fest to engage in a week-long dialogue that occurs at film screenings Q&A sessions, panel discussions, social gatherings and other events. Yes, an underground film festival is about watching unique, obscure, challenging and entertaining movies, but it’s also about the social interaction between directors, producers, artists and audience members.

So, please consider donating to the Chicago Underground Film Festival and help one of the most prominent events in the film festival world continue its proud and respected mission of bringing great films — and great filmmakers — to engage in underground film’s ongoing dialogue.

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