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Kerry Laitala Named Best Filmmaker By SF Weekly

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 18, 2011

Congratulations to Bay Area experimental media artist Kerry Laitala, whom the SF Weekly recently named the Best Filmmaker Without a Pixar Contract (Yet).

Of course, Laitala does not work in the field computer animation that Pixar specializes in. Instead, she works heavily with manipulating actual film celluloid. She typically develops her film by hand, works with found objects to create images directly onto film, and has recently been exploring using a unique 3-D process called ChromaDepth.

The SF Weekly describes her and her work:

The brilliant experimental filmmaker Kerry Laitala is a conjurer, summoning vestigial image-remnants from ancient films and, applying her singular skills in divine manipulation, evoking the fantastical world of jagged dreams, faded realities, and shadowy fairy tales. Working with the endangered material of celluloid, she constructs handcrafted gems that explode with fantastical associations.

One of her most recent works, Mercurial Madness, will screen at the upcoming 18th annual Chicago Underground Film Festival, held on June 2-9.

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