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Kerry Laitala: Inside The Underground Studio

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 26, 2009

Embedded above is a fascinating video showing the work process of underground filmmaker Kerry Laitala that was produced by the San Francisco public television station KQED. Laitala manipulates film one frame at a time, imprinting the celluloid shapes and textures from found objects, such as glassware purchased at a thrift store.

To Laitala, the art of making a film is an extremely tactile process. The video shows Laitala crafting her film in her darkened apartment, developing it herself in the lab, then projecting it using a 1928 hand-cranked projector.

One doesn’t usually get to see in-depth portraits of film artists working like this, so this is a really unique and rare video. To read more about Laitala, check out this article on the KQED website.

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