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Kent Lambert’s Love Fantasy

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 5, 2010

Meet the men who love too much in the short film Fantasy Suite by video remix master Kent Lambert, who hilariously and uncomfortably combines scenes of modern day “romance” from numerous movies, magazine advertisements and TV shows, most notably the hit ABC network TV show The Bachelor.

Out of context from the full show, The Bachelor scenes are completely baffling with a convoluted set of rules about card giving and meeting in hotel rooms. Talk about “pulling out the card and giving it to me” turns into a dirty phrase, particularly in the way Lambert slows the video and audio down. (By the way, I once briefly worked for the ABC network website as a copywriter, but didn’t work on this show’s webpage.)

Woman in bikini at a hot body contest

But that dirtiness really descends to uncomfortableness as the manufactured-for-TV romancing continues in that slowed down fashion. Whatever campy enjoyment viewers of the show get out of watching it — and I have to believe the campiness factor is what audiences are truly turning in to — becomes exceptionally cringe-worthy the more it goes on.

However, what I found particularly enjoyable about Fantasy Suite is the laughable movie or TV show that opens the short film and that continues throughout in bits and pieces. A feature-length, overly-sincere, atrociously-cliche melodrama is reduced to its corniest moments. Whatever this piece of pop culture Lambert appropriated is goes from hysterical to feeling bad for the participants involved.

The advertisement inserts are pretty brilliant, too.