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Jonas Mekas On Film Critics

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 20, 2008

Perhaps it is the words “critic” and “criticize” that mislead us so often. Whoever put it into our heads that a critic should “criticize”? I have come to a conclusion: The evil and the ugliness will take care of themselves; it is the beautiful and good that need our care. It is easier to criticize than to care; why choose the easy way?

If the critic has any function at all, it is to look for something good and beautiful around him, something that can help man to grow from inside; to try to bring it to the attention of others, explain it, interpret it — and not to clutch at some little pieces of dirt, or mistakes, or imperfections. As if those little mistakes and imperfections really matter in the end.

Jonas Mekas, Village Voice, May 10, 1962
(reprinted Movie Journal, p. 59)

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