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Introducing: PRISM index #1

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 17, 2010

PRISM index 1

PRISM index is a new multi-media publication, combining the printed word, audio CD and video DVD into one super snazzy package. The first issue, which contains the work of a multitude of artists, is on sale now in a limited edition of 500 made with handmade paper and with the hand-stamped CD and DVD sewn into the middle of the issue. You can order the first issue here.

The DVD portion of PRISM index #1 contains films from 15 indie and underground filmmakers, including the man behind the entire project, Jeffrey Bowers, who contributes a short film consisting of scratches and drawings made onto a strip of 16mm film. Other highlights on the DVD include a 1997 short by underground film legend Mike Kuchar, a new experimental film by Azazel Jacobs and a 2002 video piece by artist Daniel Martinico. The rest of the DVD lineup is:

DVD menu by Steve Emmons
Attack of the Robots from Nebula – 5, dir. Chema García Ibarra
Asshole, dir. Chadd Harbold
The Shortwave Stall, dir. Michael Hurley
Message Machine, dir. Azazel Jacobs
Dog, dir. Hermann Karlsson
A Widow’s Web, dir. Mike Kuchar
Experiments 1-5, dir. Michael Langan
Infomercial Aesthetics, dir. Daniel Martinico
Zewesawam, dir. Carson Mell and Grant Falardeau
I Just Wanted to Be Somebody, dir. Jay Rosenblatt
Travelogues, dir. Dustin Thompson
Who’s on First, dir. Zellner Brothers

Filmmakers Trent Harris and Bill Plympton also contributed to PRISM index #1, but they are represented by drawings and artwork in the print portion of the zine.

PRISM index #1 looks like a pretty snazzy package. You can visit the zine’s website to order a copy or browse through a sampling of images and film. There’s also a news section on the site with brief items on art and film. And, last but not least, there’s a section of other items being distributed by Bowers that have been created by other artists.