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Introducing: Movie Review Reader Ratings

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 23, 2011

The Underground Film Journal recently launched an exciting new feature now included with all of the site’s movie reviews: Reader Ratings!

All films reviewed on the Underground Film Journal and listed in the site’s Underground Films Index — sorry, that doesn’t include most embedded videos yet — now includes a box where readers who have also seen the film can rate the film and are encouraged to leave their own reviews in the comments section.

The goal of launching this new feature is to better display to the world that underground films are out there being screened and seen by audiences.

Movie reviews on the Underground Film Journal are regularly well-trafficked pages, particularly after festival screenings and upon DVD release. The presumption is that these visitors to the reviews are looking to gather — and want to share — opinions on films that aren’t heavily written about on other movie websites.

Reader Ratings on the Underground Film Journal are also part of a larger plan of the site to encourage more interaction and engagement with filmmakers, fans and casual readers.

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