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InFEST Underground: President Wolfman

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 16, 2012

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Oct. 19
Spectacle Theater
124 South 3rd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Hosted by: InFEST Underground

With Halloween and Election Day, it’s a wonder that not too many filmmakers have sought to combine these two special days.

However, Mike Davis has remedied that situation with latest horror comedy President Wolfman, the film that doesn’t force you to choose between the lesser of two evil. It’s just plain evil!

President Wolfman is a “green” movie, recycling the ’70s schlockfest Werewolf of Washington starring Dean Stockwell and combining it with dozens of clips from public domain films to tell the terrifying story of the first ever POTUS lycanthrope. But, can the shape-shifting president stop feasting on human flesh long enough to prevent Congress from selling the U.S. to China? One can only hope.

Recently reviewed on the Underground Film Journal, President Wolfman is, pardon the pun, a howlingly good time that will shock and digust you and provide more stomach-cramping belly laughs per second than any other horror flick or comedy this Halloween season — Or, really, just about any season.

Clipping from our own review, the Underground Film Journal says:

It’s really quite astounding how many balls Davis keeps in the air, with the main Chimerica plot, all the incidental subplots, the completely random transgressions, the seemingly dozens of source material films that he snipped from — all the while maintaining a genuinely cohesive narrative that at times is gut-bustingly hilarious.

President Wolfman will also be preceded by the short film Blue Sheep Suit, directed by Kevin Lonano.

(P.S. InFest Underground is an ongoing series. If you want to submit your own film to be considered for an upcoming screening, email a link to your online video, either public or private, to curator Greg Hanson at “Grethproductions (at) gmail dot com.”)

Watch the President Wolfman movie trailer: