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IndieGoGo: The Ghastly Transmission!

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 31, 2011

The Ghastly Transmission! is the new upcoming horror short film produced by the always amazing Robot Hand! crew, which they’re looking to fund via crowdsourcing website IndieGoGo. While they’re looking to raise a relatively small amount, just $3,000, the way the company operates, it’s no doubt they’ll make that look like $3 million on-screen.

The official description of the film listed on IndieGoGo reads:

This Gothic Horror Film centers on an old hermit, who lives in a spooky house and his only window outside is his television. Coincidentally, his television is the window to another dimension! And on one stormy night, he is faced with an impending invasion of ghastly creatures! Spooky houses, ghosts, monsters, drinking and more!

Sounds like the perfect set-up for Robot Hand! to indulge in the spectacular and spooky DIY special effects that they’ve become known for!

Perks for donating include t-shirts, hoodies, magnets and more.

Below, watch a personal plea from Robot Hand! mastermind Brian Lonano. And, if you’re interested in contributing, please visit The Ghastly Transmission! on IndieGoGo.

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