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Indie*Cine*Shack: Help Wanted Clips

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 18, 2010

Exterior sign for The Blue Macaw

July 21
8:00 p.m.
The Blue Macaw
2565 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Hosted by: Indie*Cine*Shack

Indie*Cine*Shack is a new one-night only screening of short films curated by San Francisco filmmaker Nara Denning. Included in the program will be two clips from the new film by Waylon Bacon, Help Wanted, a nightmarish tale about a man getting a job at a corpse-processing. This will be the first public look at the film before it’s world premiere at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival in September.

Bacon chronicled the making of the film in detail on his MySpace blog during production and pre-production in 2009. You can also click through to see lots of behind-the-scenes production photos and other promotional images. Although Bacon has directed numerous short films, many of which have been featured on the Underground Film Journal and can be viewed on Waylon’s YouTube channel, Help Wanted┬áis his biggest, most ambitious project that I’m terribly excited to see someday. Seeing the clips at this event should be a real treat.

But, in promoting Bacon’s part in this event, I also don’t want to take away anything away from the other filmmakers screening at Indie*Cine*Shack. The other directors who will be showing their entire short films are: Dean Mermell, Kindrid Parker, Masha Karpoukhina, Oliver Ferrasci and Rita A. Piffer.

This is the first Indie*Cine*Shack event organized by Denning, and lets hope it’s not the last. San Francisco needs another great short film event ever since Peaches Christ killed the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival back in 2008.

Indie*Cine*Shack will also feature live music by the band El Radio Fantastique and will be hosted by Mr. Odom, who hosts the Bottomless Pit show on S.F.’s Pirate Cat Radio. Admission is on a sliding scale from $7 to $10.

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