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In Moscow: ATA Film & Video Festival

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 22, 2008

If you’re Russian and live in or near Moscow, you’re in for a real treat. Thanks to a grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, the ATA Film & Video Festival is bringing a selection of films from its 2007 fest to screen at Cine Fantom on June 11.

This is part of a program that encourages cultural and environmental exchange between the U.S. and Russia and Europe. Last year, Cine Fantom came to the Artists Television Access center in San Francisco to share work by directors Olga Chernysheva, Olga Stolpovskaya, Dmitriy Troitskiy, Grigoriy Dikkert, Lenka Kabankova and more. So, this year it’s time to return the favor.

ATA Fest Co-directors Isabel Fondevila and Shae Green will be traveling to Moscow with the films and they’ll be accompanied by two filmmakers, Sylvia Scheldebauer and Paul Clipson; and ATA’s Programming Director Fara Akrami.

While I didn’t go to the ATA Fest last year, Isabel was kind enough to send me copies of the films screened, which I reviewed here. This was a stellar lineup of films and one of them, Martin Hansen’s Paradise Drift, came in as a serious contender for the Underground Film Journal’s 2007 Movie of the Year. This is the full lineup of films that will be screening in Moscow:

Window, dir. Lukas Lukasik
1,2,3 Solution, dir. Tommy Becker
Candy Apple, dirs. K.Laitala’s S.F.A.I. Optical Techniques class
Echo Park, dir. Paul Clipson
The Apollos, dirs. Nick Parker & Jazmin Jones
I Am The Eggman, dir. Sam Barnett (Watch online)
False Friends, dir. Sylvia Schedelbauer
Pursuant to the Subsection, dir. Gordon Winiemko
I, A Director, dir. Rachel Manera
5 Cents a Peek, dir. Vanessa Woods
To Watch After the White House Press Briefing, Or With the Apathetic, dir. Mack McFarland
Sissy Boy Slap Party, dir. Guy Maddin (Watch online)
Phantom Canyon, dir. Stacey Steers
Flight Home, dir. Tadashi Moriyama
Paradise Drift, dir. Martin Hansen

When Isabel and her crew return from their trip, they’ll present a documentary about it at the ATA Center in August. When I get the official date of that screening, I’ll post it up.

For more info, please visit both the ATA site and the Cine Fantom site.