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Improved Underground Film Festival List

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 12, 2011

Screenshot of a list of film festivals

The Underground Film JournalĀ has launched a substantial upgrade to its extremely popular Underground Film Festival List, which tracks submission and screening dates of about three-dozen underground film fests.

In addition to a slightly improved design and layout, the real power of the new list is the way that it automatically upgrades much of the listing information. Previously, each festival entry was updated manually whenever a significant date had passed — whether it was a final deadline submission date, or screening dates. Now much of that tracking and display of information happens through automatic processes.

Typically, in the past, the list contained much out-of-date information that visitors had to weed through, but now most — if not all — of those problems have been cleared up. Also, the list is now broken up into two columns on the page: One column for film festivals that have cemented their screening dates and the other column for those that are still working their dates out.

The Underground Film Festival List is consistently one of the most popular features on the Underground Film Journal, especially for filmmakers planning their submission strategies.

Now with a new, simplified process for updating the list has been put into place by the Underground Film Journal, a several new features are being considered to make the list even more helpful and contain even more relevant data to help filmmakers decide which fests they want to submit to.

And, for those interested in the back-end of how things work, the list is now generated by using modern WordPress features like Custom Post Types with default meta boxes and a custom post order display.

Check it out!

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