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Hot Bacon Pictures + Interview

Ian Petrella with his lower jaw missing

I’ve added two new photo galleries to the site, both of which feature “Making of” stills from the films of Waylon Bacon: Poster Boy and My Worst Nightmare. If it’s ever been your dream — as it has been mine — to see pictures of Mr. Bacon directing his actors, that dream is now fulfilled.

Many thanks to Waylon for sending them in, especially since he’s currently knee-deep producing his latest epic short film, Help Wanted. You can follow the making of that film on Waylon’s MySpace blog, which so far has been fascinating reading. Bacon is a very direct, clear writer and his posts reveal a great step-by-step process of what it takes to be an independent / underground filmmaker.

After looking at the pictures, you can also watch both of Bacon’s short films online. Just click the titles here for each: Poster Boy and My Worst Nightmare. And the reason I’m not embedding either film in this post is because I’m embedding something else. Below is a video interview with Bacon and one of the stars of My Worst Nightmare, Judy Cerda, for The Last Doorway online program.

Lastly, before you watch that, I’m going to make a plea: If you’re a filmmaker or a film festival programmer, please send me your own images so I can make a gallery for your film or fest. Thanks! And here’s the video interview:

UPDATE: Video has been removed from YouTube.

My Worst Nightmare photo gallery:

Poster Boy photo gallery: