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Hot Bacon Pictures + Interview

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 23, 2009

Ian Petrella with his lower jaw missing

I’ve added two new photo galleries to the site, both of which feature “Making of” stills from the films of Waylon Bacon: Poster Boy and My Worst Nightmare. If it’s ever been your dream — as it has been mine — to see pictures of Mr. Bacon directing his actors, that dream is now fulfilled.

Many thanks to Waylon for sending them in, especially since he’s currently knee-deep producing his latest epic short film, Help Wanted. You can follow the making of that film on Waylon’s MySpace blog, which so far has been fascinating reading. Bacon is a very direct, clear writer and his posts reveal a great step-by-step process of what it takes to be an independent / underground filmmaker.

After looking at the pictures, you can also watch both of Bacon’s short films online. Just click the titles here for each: Poster Boy and My Worst Nightmare. And the reason I’m not embedding either film in this post is because I’m embedding something else. Below is a video interview with Bacon and one of the stars of My Worst Nightmare, Judy Cerda, for The Last Doorway online program.

Lastly, before you watch that, I’m going to make a plea: If you’re a filmmaker or a film festival programmer, please send me your own images so I can make a gallery for your film or fest. Thanks! And here’s the video interview:

UPDATE: Video has been removed from YouTube.

My Worst Nightmare photo gallery:

Poster Boy photo gallery: