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Help Support Jennifer Reeder’s Blood Below the Skin

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 29, 2014

Director Jennifer Reeder directing a scene from behind her camera

“Short films matter. Teenage girls matter.”

That’s two powerful statements made by filmmaker Jennifer Reeder in her Kickstarter promotional video for her upcoming film Blood Below the Skin. If you believe in those two statements, then please consider donating to her project.

As of this writing, Reeder has raised just over two-thirds of what she is asking and only needs a little bit more to make her goal. So, any funds now that you can contribute will really make a difference.

Reeder describes Blood Below the Skin as a drama about three female high school students from different social strata who form a unique bond following an unanticipated incident. The film is planned to be about 30 minutes long and, as Reeder describes, is her most ambitious project yet.

Reeder’s previous film, A Million Miles Away, was another drama about teenage girls who bond with their substitute teacher who has an emotional breakdown in front of them. Currently, A Million Miles Away is tearing it up on the festival circuit and is racking up numerous awards, including Best Short at the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

Underground Film Journal editor Mike Everleth served on the jury that awarded A Million Miles Away, which is an absolutely phenomenal film. So, we’re very excited to see this new project, which we expect will achieve very similar success. Please consider donating.