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Heavy Metal Parking Lot Gets Animated

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 24, 2009

Jeff Krulik and John Heyn’s Heavy Metal Parking Lot is just about one of the greatest movies ever made. It’s a true underground classic that has inspired a massive cult following. Tributes to this masterpiece are always springing up, but one of the most charming is Canadian filmmaker Leslie Supnet‘s animated version, embedded above, which is called, of course, The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot. It’s not the entire HMPL, but Supnet’s favorite bits, which are some of the best bits in the film, including Zebraman, the Air Force guy and more.

Drawing of two heavy metal music fans

What I like most about this animated short is Supnet’s way of drawing the characters: Big, round heads; squinty eyes, small mouths and noses, stick limbs. It lends an air of childlike innocence, making the time period the original film was shot in seem quaint and old-fashioned, despite the drunken revelry and debauchery going on. My absolute favorite bit is Supnet inserting a drawing of Mars during Zebraman’s rant.

Krulik, whom I’m friends with, gave this adaptation his stamp of approval. You can also always buy the original Heavy Metal Parking Lot on DVD, which comes with a ton of bonus features. Or visit Leslie Supnet’s website to see more of her films and artwork.

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