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Go Watch: Lull

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 17, 2008

The bad news is: I can’t embed a great new short film I watched. The good news: Is that you can watch it in great high quality over at this site. UPDATE: Video is now embeddable, which I have done above.

This is an adaptation of a short film, Mermaid, by my friend Lisa Barcy, who I think is just an awesome animator. Mermaid runs about 16 minutes, but Lull is about a five minute or so edited version set to a song by Andrew Bird, i.e. the film was cut specifically for this song. I’m not familiar with Andrew, but this is a very melancholy piece that goes extremely well with the animation, which features a man’s run-in with a giant squid.

I like it a lot and think you should go watch it now. When Lisa gets the full Mermaid online, I’m going to make you go watch that, too. (Update: Done.)

Animated giant squid