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Go Read: Andrew Semans Interview

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 5, 2007

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Noralil Ryan Fores is the editor of a new-ish online indie film zine, ShortEnd Magazine, which has feature articles, reviews and a blog about obscure indie flicks. She dropped me a nice note recently, so I started poking around her cool site and found an interview with Andrew Semans, the director of the short film All Day Long, which you can watch here. If you want to find out what’s on the mind of this up-and-coming filmmaker, go read what he has to say over at this extensive interview on ShortEnd, which also includes a few plugs for yours truly. All Day Long is a great film, so it was fun to read all about the making of it. Even if you haven’t seen the film, go read it anyway.