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Giuseppe Andrews: 2 Music Videos

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 10, 2008

Although I named Giuseppe Andrews‘ feature film In Our Garden as the Underground Film Journal’s 2002 Movie of the Year and I also reviewed his second film Trailer Town on the site — which was good, but not the masterpiece the previous film was — I haven’t kept up with his directorial work since.

Recently, I was looking him up to see what he was up to and I found these two music videos. They’re for songs off of CDs that Giuseppe sells on his official website. The top embedded video is for the song “Paseo Del Mar” and the one at the bottom is for “Best of Luck.”

Giuseppe Andrews singing into a microphone

The music’s very catchy in both of them and the videos are extremely simple. Pretty much just Giuseppe singing and/or playing an instrument and dancing in front of a camera. Both films also seem to feature the same dancing girl. In “Paseo” she gives us a nice Spanish lesson, while in “Luck” she has the privilege of dancing next to a heavy, shirtless older guy. I find their basic, outsider-y feel very appealing, much like I did Giuseppe’s films.

Giuseppe also sells several of his films on his site. But sadly, In Our Garden isn’t one of them. He did have a distribution deal with Troma for some movies, but I think that relationship soured in some fashion. Some of the films for sale on the site are shorts and many of them are short features, clocking in at about 75 minutes.

He’s been extremely prolific since 2002 and at least these two videos are way to get caught up on his work again. Check out Giuseppe’s site for more info.